Julie Pham - International Speaker, Teacher, Intuitive, & Business Consultant

Teacher, Speaker, Intuitive, & Business Consultant 

Julie teaches Mindfulness, Intuitive Development, Conscious Business Development.

Julie is an international speaker, personal development teacher, and healer. She teaches entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and spiritual enthusiasts to not only tap into their intuition but remove any emotional blocks that are keeping them from living the life they have always dreamed.

Julie developed her own healing method called EMR (Energetic Mapping and Restoration) that combines deep cognitive analysis, transformational coaching, and energy work.

She is on a mission to open people’s hearts and to empower as many people as possible to live out their own life’s mission.

Julie’s professional work includes online courses, workshops and talks all over the US, International Retreats, and 1:1 work. She also has a natural skill with working in corporate settings with various offerings within companies.

Programs & Offerings

  • Live Talks, Events & Retreats: events in New York, LA, Costa Rica and beyond.
  • Online Courses: Empath Revolution & Ignite Your Intuition
  • Workshops: Intuition in Business, Mindfulness, EMR, Manifestation
  • Corporate: High end consulting to Executives & Companies in Intuition, HR, and more

See more on www.juliepham.co & www.egregora.com/events 

Events with Julie Pham - International Speaker, Teacher, Intuitive, & Business Consultant

Ignite Your Intuition
January 31, 2019

MASTERING THE ART OF INTUITION A five-day spiritual retreat focused on intuitive development to kick-start every area of your life. WHAT THIS RETREAT IS ALL ABOUT The importance of developing your intuition has not been stressed enough. Our intuition is the gateway to impenetrable knowledge and absolute truth. It allows us the foresight to improve every area of our life to reach a potential that stretches beyond our imagination. It is our personalized Google search bar. When we seek answers or inspiration we go to Google and type in whatever query we may have, and information is delivered to our…

Master Your Inner World
February 14, 2019

IF YOU ARE A TEACHER, PRACTITIONER, HEALER, COACH OR SOMEONE WHO HAS AWAKENED TO YOUR INNER POWER AND WANT TO SHARPEN YOUR SKILLS OF SELF MASTERY AND ADD MORE TOOLS TO YOUR BELT, THEN THIS COURSE IS DESIGNED FOR YOU. Two Top International Healers and Master Energy Workers come together to teach practical wisdom. *** WHAT THIS COURSE IS ALL ABOUT Develop a deep understanding of how we operate and impact interconnected elements  Apply a structure to incorporate this understanding in every aspect of your life Transcend limitations to actualize your potential and purposeful self Further develop your skills by stepping…

March 6, 2019

What Is The Mastermind Retreat All About? It’s an intimate and intense experience where we will work in small groups to SOLVE PROBLEMS, DISCUSS STRATEGY, and TAKE ACTION. Imagine sitting down for Beautiful Breakfasts, Luxurious Lunches & Dynamic Dinners with others like you who are looking to upgrade not only their business, but their own lifestyle as they seek to create a braided life of balance. A mastermind group is a small number of trusted advisers who meet regularly with the goal of improving each other’s lives or careers. A mastermind is built upon the idea that a whole can be…

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