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With Rodolfo Carrillo - Mindfulness, Conscious Leadership in Business, Healing & Energy Work and Julie Pham - International Speaker, Teacher, Intuitive, & Business Consultant

March 6 - 11, 2019

What Is The Mastermind Retreat All About?

It’s an intimate and intense experience where we will work in small groups to SOLVE PROBLEMS, DISCUSS STRATEGY, and TAKE ACTION.

Imagine sitting down for Beautiful Breakfasts, Luxurious Lunches & Dynamic Dinners with others like you who are looking to upgrade not only their business, but their own lifestyle as they seek to create a braided life of balance. A mastermind group is a small number of trusted advisers who meet regularly with the goal of improving each other’s lives or careers. A mastermind is built upon the idea that a whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. John Lennon + Paul McCartney is not additive, it’s exponential. And hey, why not give birth to this creation in a place of beauty that is Costa Rica?

This retreat is unique. We are all here to create strong bonds and lasting relationships that we can carry forward to multiply the impact that we can together create in the lives of the patients that we see day in and day out. If you are even considering joining this event, we know you are already successful in your practice. This event is not designed for those that hide in the back row. It’s an intimate and intense experience where we will work in small groups to solve problems, discuss strategy, and take action.
You will receive the benefits of accountability, discover easy wins in your business, and make better decisions by having access to the innate wisdom of the collective. While many will apply, we will be limiting attendance to this first event to 30 attendees, so act fast. This is your chance to work with the best in a small group setting, build stronger business connections, and push your practice to the highest level. A mastermind can solve problems and take advantage of opportunities in a way that an individual person can’t.
The location is amazing! You will be steeped in nature. Fresh air, vibrant wildlife, and panoramic ocean views. There are hiking trails, running streams, jungles and swinging hammocks. The sunsets are magical. This is an opportunity to not only work on your business, but to reflect on your own life, and perhaps consider some wellness practices that have the potential to sustain you in your entrepreneurial journey.
And of course, we’ll just let loose, and have some fun in the sun! Bring your favorite bathing suit, a pair of flip flops, and a readiness to have an incredible time together!
It’s Not All About Business Though… 

We Value Contribution and Find Ways to Give Back. 

We believe that an important part of the way we do business as professionals is finding ways to give back to our local communities and to the world. You will hear from your colleagues about exciting ways they are already acting as change makers in a big way and we will brainstorm ways to multiply our impact.

We are also building this event in a way that supports the local economy in which we will be staying and a majority of the staffing and wellness programming will be provided by local Costa Ricans as a way to support the community that is hosting us for this beautiful event. There will also be an opportunity to extend your stay beyond the mastermind to participate in a mission trip in the local community that has been arranged by one of our members with their foundation (more to come on this)!

We Believe That We Must Take Care Ourselves to Best Serve Others

We are all ambitious in our dreams of building a practice with real impact. Many of us have already accomplished this, but sometimes in the pursuit of this dream we forget about our health, and stop doing good things for ourselves as individuals. This event is about reconnecting with our mind, body, and spirit to tap into our own inner source of vitality. You’ll be connecting and playing with amazing people, and you are going to feel ALIVE!
This event will include scheduled programming and workshops focused on wellness, movement, and creating a sense of lightness and ease. Our hosts are also experts in the space of plant-based medicine and food-based nutrition. Every meal will be an opportunity to experience both delicious and nutritious food – there is even dessert!


Rodolfo Carrillo – Mindfulness, Conscious Leadership in Business, Healing & Energy Work
Leading transformations towards Conscious Organizations and Conscious Leaders through consulting, training and coaching Mission: To contribute to the development of a more conscious society and world, where people and organizations are lead by purpose and interact with compassion. Rodolfo has a very interesting and unique combination of business skills, training experience and spiritual knowledge that triggers profound transformation through his consulting, coaching and training work. His work is motivated by his strong desire to serve others in their own personal and professional development. He has travelled and given talks throughout the world, having visited more than 30 countries and has…
Learn more about Rodolfo Carrillo – Mindfulness, Conscious Leadership in Business, Healing & Energy Work
Julie Pham – International Speaker, Teacher, Intuitive, & Business Consultant
Teacher, Speaker, Intuitive, & Business Consultant  Julie teaches Mindfulness, Intuitive Development, Conscious Business Development. Julie is an international speaker, personal development teacher, and healer. She teaches entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and spiritual enthusiasts to not only tap into their intuition but remove any emotional blocks that are keeping them from living the life they have always dreamed. Julie developed her own healing method called EMR (Energetic Mapping and Restoration) that combines deep cognitive analysis, transformational coaching, and energy work. She is on a mission to open people’s hearts and to empower as many people as possible to live out their own…
Learn more about Julie Pham – International Speaker, Teacher, Intuitive, & Business Consultant

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