Egregora: (noun) a concept representing a “collective group mind”, which is created when people consciously come together for a common purpose.

The Company – Egregora is a full service Event Production Company and Talent Agency representing teachers and practitioners in the space of wellness, mindfulness, healing, energy work and beyond.

Our Mission  – Raise the consciousness of the planet by helping people along their journey of transformation, awakening, and self-actualization. We do this by connecting people with some of the best teachers and practitioners of sacred wisdom, and we do it through the lens of our unique experiences and events.

We love to see people come alive in our events! We see them go through phenomenal shifts and breakthroughs. This is what fuels us, year in and year out to support people all over the world, to be a loudspeaker for authentic teachers and practitioners, and to raise the consciousness and vibration of this planet one person at a time.

Egregora Events – dedicated to producing one-of-a-kind experiences with curated educational content ranging from wellbeing and mindfulness to social impact, innovation and beyond.  We work with top event producers, thought leaders, and unique retreats and help them create impactful events and grow their platform.

Egregora Agency – we are passionate about being a loudspeaker for authentic teachers and practitioners of various modalities – helping them impact lives and expand their reach. Our Agency, and its collective of incredible talent, makes this possible through the work they do. Our goal is simple, help them reach more people and help them thrive in the process.

Stack Entry


Per Person

  • 1 Free Entrance
  • Regular Seating
  • Custom Swags
  • Free Wifi

Student Pass


Bulk Order

  • 20x Free Entrance
  • 20x Regular Seating
  • Custom Swags
  • Free Wifi
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VIP Pass


VIP's only

  • VIP Entrance
  • VIP Seating
  • Custom Swags
  • Free Wifi
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